June 16th, 2013

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The Tourist's Prayer или Молитва для Туриста

Зайдя в St John's Catholic Church в Richmond`е мы обнаружили очень забавную вещь - The Tourist's Prayer или Молитву для Туриста.


Пожертвовали 50 сентов и забрали себе копию 8))) Может это уже давно баян, но позволю себе повториться.

Создателем The Tourist's Prayer был Fred M. Kirkpatrick, который в молодости работал гидом. Около 30 лет назад в ответ на введение Греческой Православной Церковью специальной "анти-туристической" молитвы для священников и монахов, призванной защитить церковные святыни православной земли от "contemporary Western invaders" - современный Западных захватчиков, он написал текст молитвы для туристов.

Вот он в английском варианте:

Heavenly Father, look down on us, your humble, obedient tourist, servants, who are doomed to travel this earth, taking photographs, mailing postcards, buying souvenirs and walking around in drip-dry underwear. We beseech you, O Lord, to see that our plane is not hijacked, our luggage not lost and our overweight baggage goes unnoticed. Protect us from surly and unscrupulous taxi drivers, avaricious porters and unlicensed English speaking guides: Give us this day, divine guidance in the selection of our hotels; that we may find our reservations honored, our rooms made up and hot water running from the faucets (if it is at all possible). We pray that the telephone work and that the operators speak our tongue; and that there is no mail waiting from our children which would force us to cancel the rest of our trip. Lead us, dear Lord, to good, inexpensive restaurants where the food is superb, the waiters friendly, and the wine included in the price of the meal. Give us the wisdom to tip correctly in currencies we do not understand. Forgive us for under tipping out of ignorance and for over tipping out of fear: Make the natives love us for what we are and not what we can contribute to their worldly goods. Grant us the strength to visit the museums, the cathedrals, the palaces and the castles listed as "musts" in the guide books. And if perchance we skip a historic monument to take a nap after lunch, have mercy on us, for our flesh is weak. Collapse )

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